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wedding rings for men

Designer wedding rings for men South Africa

Designer wedding rings for men are expressing the need to be different. While they still represent eternity being circle with no beginning or end, there are details added in the form of grooves, steps, carving, different textures and even accent stones. The designer wedding rings are mostly ordered by our male customers. Women as default prefer diamond wedding rings. This is why we base our prices on average men’s finger size. If you require a quote for some of the models you are welcome. Just specify your finger size.

Why the higher price?

Designer rings are more labour intensive than the classic ones. In addition to this, most of them require hefty width to be able to make the pattern readable. These requirements make them heavier and more expensive than the plain wedding rings.  The added width heavily affects the weight and as you will notice, the price of the band. We take great care the prices listed on the product page to be as precise as possible but with so many variables the quoted price may differ. Please ensure you send us at least approximate finger size with your request for quotation.

How to read the pricing table?

Most of the styles in our wedding rings for men range, we offer in 3 different widths and four types of precious metals. The table will give you the price of each width option in four metal options at the cross-section. Customers can order gold rings in different colours as well. Both 9k and 18k gold you can ordered in yellow, rose or white, while some styles you can mix two or even three colours.

If you don’t find the model you are looking for in this section, please send us a picture or drawing of the ring you want at