Men’s wedding bands – classic

Dome wedding rings

dome-bands-width-150This is the true classic wedding ring for men, its aesthetic appeal and practicality proven over many years.  Practicality is an important issue when comes to men’s jewellery. Most men hardly remove their wedding bands and the comfortable wear is the first feature on their list. The life style associated with men is (or at least it used to be) one with frequent physical chores, where the ring should be out of the way and not easy damageable. While every metal will scratch and eventually will need some refreshing, the classic dome wedding band is the one that shows the scratches least due to the way it reflects light and is easiest to restore.

Low dome wedding rings

low-dome-bands-150Low dome wedding rings are modern variation of the classic dome bands. As the self-explanatory name indicates, these bands have low domed surface of the outer wall. The inner wall however is high domed providing generous comfort fit. Low dome wedding rings can be actually regarded as reversed dome wedding rings, where the low dome wall is the inside one. Because of their specific section profile, these style bands require substantial thickness and are not available in light gauge. Low dome bands became popular few years ago when they were offered by few famous high end jewellery brands.

Flat wedding rings

flat-bands-width-150Flat wedding rings has modern minimalistic feel and are very frequent choice, often in combination with brushed surface finish. Men are attracted to their simplicity and masculinity these bands convey. Flat wedding bands are base for many designer wedding ring styles and it will be beneficial if you take the time to visit the page and see the options. All width and gauge flat wedding rings on this site has rounded inner wall (comfort fit). We find it essential for this style where the outer wall already has a sharp edge. The edges of the bands are promptly blunted and burnished prior the final finish.


2224 – 4mm flat wedding ring

Options: This design is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum. It is also...
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2225 – 5mm flat wedding ring

Options: This design is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum. It is also...
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2226 – 6mm flat wedding ring

Options: This design is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum. It is also...
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2227 – 7mm flat wedding ring

Options: This design is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum. It is also...
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Fillet edge wedding rings

fillet edge wedding rings for menAs the low dome style is a variation of the classic dome band, so is the fillet edge to the flat wedding ring. Although the sharp edges of the flat ring style are generally burnished and blunted, some people still find them uncomfortable; however they like the flat minimalistic look. This is where the fillet edge fills in. Fillet edge wedding bands are simply flat bands with substantial rounding of the edges.  Comfortable wear is a feature we always keep in mind when designing wedding rings. All gauges of flat and fillet edge bands have comfort fit inner wall.

men's wedding bands

Men’s wedding bands

General information

The most popular design for men’s wedding bands is the original classic half round band. In the original classic version the band is  usually highly polished with variable width, thickness and finger size.  All these three variables contribute greatly to the weight and therefore the price of the wedding ring. Adding for example difference of 5 finger sizes require about a gram of gold in a 5mm comfort fit wedding band, while adding 1mm in width will add much more.

Weight and price

Looking at the men’ wedding bands listed in this section one may find them rather similar at first glance, but there is difference in the thickness and the cross section of the band which results in difference in the amount of used precious metal. Why are different cross section required? It may be not evident on the illustrative images, but on the actual band you will notice how different levels of dome for example results in different way the light is reflecting off the band, giving it completely different look. Thicker, more solid wedding rings not only look better. Once on the finger you will definitely find them more comfortable and much easier to put on and off. In time the solid wedding ring will not wear off to a sharp edge and cause irritation.

Surface finish

The surface finish of all men’s wedding bands is up to your choice. You can order any design in this section in brushed matte, wire matte or polished finish. For hammer finish the suitability of the model should be confirmed. The surface finish is not permanent and interchangeable, however there is less metal loss to change from polished to brushed than the other way around. The surface finish does not affect the prices of the men’s wedding rings. Read more

Finger size

The prices pre-quoted in this section of the site are based on average finger size for men and women respectively.  Plain wedding rings are light in labour and because of the many variables are manufactured by order. To have a precise quote it is essential to have at least approximate finger size.