Diamond wedding rings

diamond wedding rings

Diamond Wedding Rings South Africa

Diamond wedding rings are interpretation of eternity rings. Instead of being studded all around as the eternity rings are, in diamond wedding rings the studded part is limited to the visible front part. In western culture the wedding rings are worn on the same finger as the engagement rings. This is why, the diamonds on the wedding ring are usually small so they don’t overpower the engagement ring.

Flexible design and quote

There are many ways of studding a band with diamonds. The models presented in this section are the most popular ones in South Africa. If you don’t find what you are looking for on this page no problem. I can send you a quotation for any model you have a picture of. Alteration on the size and number of diamonds affect drastically the price. You can get a quote for any model, optimized for your budget.

Use of black diamonds

You can request a quote for any of the models set with black diamonds. Some models are also possible with sapphires. Sequencing  of black diamonds or sapphires with white diamonds on one band however, is possible but not recommended. Black and white diamonds are cut to different standards and set higher, creating untidy look. From far because of their non reflective properties the black diamonds are perceived as “missing stones” when set next to the highly reflective white diamonds.

Fitting diamond wedding rings next to an engagement ring

If you are ordering a diamond wedding ring that is intended to be worn next to an existing engagement ring, it is good to take in consideration if the band has sufficient space to fit behind the main stone. It is something which is not always considered when buying only the ring first. If in doubt, I will be glad to advise you on this if you send me a side view of the ring on info@kirov.co.za.