Wedding rings

The wedding rings category, as simple as it seems, covers in fact very large variety of options. For the untrained eye all wedding rings look the same and the difference in price is rather unjustified. This however, is far from true and on this page I will explain why. You can skip most of the following information and go straight to the product and prices, but if you want to make an informed decision, take few minutes to scroll down and read through. 

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Diamond wedding bands

Most diamond wedding rings are rather light in weight. The major expense in this category are the diamonds. The quality of halo diamond wedding quoted in our diamond bands is HI-VS,SI. These stones are perceived as white, and are fitting well with the most popular colours of engagement ring diamonds sold in South Africa. In case you already have an engagement ring with higher colour diamonds (D to F) you can request a quote for a diamond band set with top white diamonds. Most of the wedding ring styles are makeable as eternity rings. Please dont hesitate to contac us if you require quotation for different style. See products

Classic bands for men

Classic men’s wedding bands are two basic types – dome and flat. Variations in width, thickness (fullness) and section profile can create large number of possible options to fit any individual taste and budget. In our range of classic bands you will find four styles; the basic two types and two their resultants; the fillet edge band, which is a flat band with softened edges and the low dome band, whose title is self-explanatory.  Each of these styles is offered in 4, 5, 6 and 7mm width and 3 different thickness options (gauge): light, standard and heavy. See products

Designer wedding rings

Designer wedding rings are gaining popularity and already amount to about 60% of the gents wedding rings ordered through this site. Using different surface finish and texture and two or more colours of metal on one band gives it a touch of exclusivity. There is a drawback however; the mixed finish and mixed colour bands are more difficult to refresh and scratches on them are more visible. Designer bands are generally wider as they require sufficient surface to show the intended detail and/or difference in texture. All our designer bands have substantial thickness and comfort fit. See products

Classic bands for women

Classic bands are not the most popular ladys’ choice nowadays. The trend is leaning more towards diamond bands. The classic band however is still the most probable pairing option for classic diamond solitaire. Our range in this category includes the classic dome and strait wedding bands as well as the popular bevel edge band. These three styles are offered in 2,3,and 4mm width. They all have substantial thickness and a comfort fit. Here we also offer the timeless 3 colour Russian wedding band in 9 or 18k gold. Please request a quote if you don’t find the style you have in mind. See  products

Surface finish

You can choose the surface finish of most of the classic and some of the designer bands and this will not affect the quoted price. You can choose from polished, brushed, wire matte and hammered finish. If not otherwise noted when an order is placed the surface finish is considered to be the one on the image of the product page. For more information about surface finish click here.

Price forming segments

Generally a wedding ring is not a difficult item to manufacture, even if it is made entirely by hand. The major factors in the price forming are the metal type, purity and content.

Metal type

We offer most of our classic wedding ring styles in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium and platinum. These precious metals have different market price, updated daily and the amount of metal involved in every band is the major price forming factor. This amount is measured in grams, but because each metal has different density, the final weight of identical bands in different metals will be different too. A 2mm wedding band for example with weight of 2gr. in 9k will be 2.1gr in palladium, 2.8 in 18k and 3.5gr in platinum. As the volume of the band increases, so do the difference in weight and respectively the price.  The time involved in fabricating wedding rings in platinum and palladium is longer and the consumables are more expensive, thus adding to the price of the products in these metals. The price of all metals in ascending order is: 9k gold, palladium, 18k gold and platinum.

Metal purity

The precious metals used in jewellery making are mixed (alloyed) with other metals in order to achieve certain mechanical and aesthetic properties. The more the precious metal the higher the purity and the price per gram. 9k gold contains 37.5% pure gold and inside the wedding ring is hallmarked with 9kt or 375. 18k gold has 75% of fine gold and is hallmarked with 18kt or 750. Palladium and platinum are naturally white metals and are used in almost pure state, namely 95%. They are hallmarked inside the wedding ring with Pd or Pt respectively.

Metal content

The metal content is the weight, the amount of precious metal involved in the finished band. It is closely related to the ring’s volume. And the volume increases when increases the width of the band, it thickness and its circumference (the finger size). It is obvious that a wider wedding ring will be heavier than a narrower one, but most people don’t realize how fast the weight goes up. The weight of a 6mm band will be approximately one and a half times the weight of a 4mm one and the price also jumps accordingly. When the band is increasing in thickness the process is the same, but even less obvious.  Heavy gauge 2.8mm thick band will be approximately twice the weight of the light gauge 1.6mm one. While the difference in volume is quite evident in the section rendering shown on the right, it is not so noticeable when the rings are presented in a box.

Why would one spend more money for a heavy gauge band if the light one with the same width looks the same? I personally think they look very different and no design tricks can mimic the fullness of a heavy band. Besides the look however the heavy bands have intrinsic value, substantial feel and they are much more comfortable. The s called “comfort fit” which requires rounded internal wall of the wedding ring is possible only on bands of substantial thickness. The bigger the internal dome the more comfortably the band wears. This is why the trendy low dome style gains such popularity. Another advantage of the heavier gauge bands is their longevity, especially in gold alloys. Wedding rings are most of the time on the finger and a light gauge band will wear off and eventually develop sharp edges. There is no remedy for a worn band, it has to be replaced. And although the remaining metal can be reused, the sentimental value attached to it is lost.  You can rely on our professional advice to help you choose a wedding ring optimized for your taste, lifestyle and budget.


wedding ringsWedding rings

General information

The Solitaire Wedding Ring is the most common piece of jewellery. They represent eternity being, a circle without beginning nor end and signifies a married person.  While the engagement rings are worn only by women, wedding rings are worn by men and women.  Many people don’t take them off for years. In time they get embedded in the finger, making it impossible to remove without cutting the band. It is good practice to remove them once or twice a month over night.

Comfort fit Wedding Bands

Rounding the inner wall of the wedding band is a relatively new trend, commonly called comfort fit. Besides the more comfortable feel due to the rounded edges, this design has smaller contact surface with the skin, providing the finger space to “breathe”. These rings are much easier to put on and remove. Comfort fit wedding bands are more expensive than the standard fit, since they need extra thickness and therefore more metal to accommodate the rounded inner wall.


You can order the wedding rings in this site in 9k and 18k gold (yellow, rose or/and white), palladium and platinum. The styles selected here are currently the most popular in South Africa, however if you have specific style in mind you are welcome. I can work out a quote for you from picture or drawing and alter the width, thickness and ornaments if you require changes. The modern low dome and filet edge wedding rings are variations of the flat bands. They are much more comfortable having their edges softened, extra heavy and with generous comfort fit.

Choice of precious metal

The type of precious metal a Halo Wedding Ring is made of greatly affects its price and longevity. Platinum is the best white metal for wedding rings. It is abrasion resistant, though and naturally white. Because of its high price however, affordability becomes an issue. I will recommend it for delicate diamond bands and eternity rings. For heavy Gents, Wedding Rings palladium is the right choice. It is naturally white in colour and hypoallergenic as platinum but much lighter in weight and price. Yellow is the classic colour for gents bands while the rose gold is a trend alternative for those who like to be different.