5114 – Seven diamond cluster studs

7 cluster diamond earstuds

Product Information

ID: 5114
Request a precise quotation in the comment section in the bottom of this page. This model is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum. The price below is for the pair of ear-studs with combined diamond content of 0.5ct. in 9k gold. You can check our diamond list to get an idea of diamond prices for different sizes and qualities. More metal and diamond content options are available in the description below.
Price from: R 13 600

Product Description


This model is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum. The estimated prices below are for different diamond size options, based on the specified diamond content and precious metal type. The quality of diamonds used in the quotes is I,J –SI and stones over 0.30ct are lab certified. Smaller and larger diamond options as well as sizes in between are available on request. You are welcome to request a quote based on specified budget. We don’t use mass produced settings, since we find them too light and unsafe. Our ear-stud settings are designed with comfort, longevity and safety in mind. All quotes include a pair of butterfly push-ons in the respective metal. Please note that, due to unavailability of palladium findings on the market the palladium ear-stud option is quoted with the 9ct white gold push-ons.


Metal type diamonds 0,4ct diamonds 0,6ct diamonds 0,8ct
9k w gold R 14 370 R 17 420 20480
9k y gold R 13 600 R 16 660 19700
18k w gold R 18 760 R 21 800 24870
18k y gold R 17 830 R 20 880 23930
Palladium R 18 750 R 21 800 24850
Platinum R 18 300 R 21 350 24400

Quotation & delivery:

The prices are sensitive to the constant change of the US Dollar to South African Rand exchange rate and are, therefore, only estimates and subject to daily updates. A precise quotation updated to the current metal prices and exchange rates will be sent to you no later than 24 hours after placing a quotation request. Request a quote below, describing the specifics of your request, indicating the type of metal you have selected, the diamond size (in mm or carats) and /or your budget (if you want to get a quote via that route) as well as any additional questions you may have. We will send you back a precise quotation within 24 hours. Manufacturing time is 8 to 10 working days.