1015 – Antique style three diamond ring

Art nuveau three stone engagement ring

Product Information

ID: 1015
Request a precise quotation in the comment section in the bottom of this page. The size of the diamonds on the picture is 0.21ct each or 0.63 combined. This ring can be set with sizes from 0.20 to 0.40+ct. The entry level price below is for the ring, set with diamonds of 0.20ct (each) I-SI in 9k gold. Scroll down for more options.
Price from: R 19 340

Product Description


This design is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum. The estimated prices below are for the ring set with 3 diamonds of 0.20ct each (0.60ct t.w.).


9k gold white / yellow R 19 340 R 18 970
18k gold white / yellow R 22 700 R 22 060
Palladium R 22 530
Platinum R 23 730

Quotation & delivery:

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The prices are sensitive to the constant changes of US$:R rate and therefore estimated and subject of daily updates. Precise quote, updated to the current rate and metal prices will be sent to you no later than 24 hours after placing a quotation request. Request a quote below, describing the specifics of your request indicating the type of metal you have selected, the size and quality of your chosen diamond (if any), your ring size (if you know it) and any additional questions you have. We will send you back a precise quotation within 24 hours. Manufacturing time is 8 to 10 working days.