2214 – 4mm dome wedding ring


Product Information

ID: 2214
Request a precise quotation in the comment section in the bottom of this page. This design is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum and light, standard and heavy gauge (thickness). The price below is for standard gauge wedding ring as on the image, in 9k gold and average men’s finger size. More metal options are available in the description below.
Price from: R 3 600

Product Description

4mm dome wedding rings


This design is available in 9k and 18k gold (white, yellow or rose), palladium or platinum. It is also offered in light, standard and heavy gauge (thickness). The light gauge is low price orientated while the heavy one on comfort and longevity (see illustration on the right). Standard and heavy gauge have rounded inner wall known as comfort fit, which significantly adds to the comfortable feel of the band on the finger. The finger size also affects the weight, hence the price of this type of ring, thus the final quoted price may vary from the ones below. These estimations are based on the specified width, gauge and average gents finger size.


Width / Gauge 9 white 9 yellow Palladium 18 white 18 yellow Platinum
4 mm light R 4 300 R 3 600 R 7 900 R 8 450 R 7 900 R 7 550
4 mm standard R 5 500 R 4 600 R 10 300 R 11 000 R 10 300 R 9 860
4 mm heavy R 7 000 R 5 900 R 13 250 R 14 200 R 13 300 R 12 660

Quotation & delivery:

The prices are sensitive to the constant change of the US Dollar to South African Rand exchange rate and are, therefore, only estimates and subject to daily updates. A precise quotation updated to the current metal prices and exchange rates will be sent to you no later than 24 hours after placing a quotation request. Request a quote below indicating the type of metal you have selected, your ring size (if you know it) and any additional questions or specifications you may have and we will send you a precise quotation within 24 hours. Manufacturing time is 8 to 10 working days.