Jewellery designer Cape Town

Vasco Kirov

Jewellery Design Awards

De Beers


Shining Light Award



Double finalist and Overall winner

PJS Los Angeles


Best in category over $2500

De Beers


Shining light award

De Beers


Diamond-International Awards-Finalist




jewellery designer set

Former miss South Africa Peggy-Sue Khumalo wearing my De Beers shining light award winning set on the front cover of the prestigious American jewelery magazine JC

Jewellery Designer based in Cape Town


Jewellery designer Vasco Kirov founded Kirov Jewellery Studio in 1993. The studio is well known in Cape Town for providing high quality professional service and extremely high value for money products.  The company is still managed by Vasco. He is a master studio jeweller  with vast experience in every segment of the jewellery industry. Vasco has many years of working as bench jeweller and jewellery designer, his expertise backed by numerous prestigious awards for excellence in jewellery design.

Studio jeweller

In my carrier as jeweller in Cape Town I passed through many different levels of the trade. From working as a bench jeweller for Köhler Master Goldsmiths and learning the ropes of high end jewellery making in early 90s to opening my own shop in Canal Walk in 2000 and then closing it in 2004. I was always trying to find a way to increase the value for money factor.

Jewellery Designer

It is not a secret that at every level of trade merchants make profit. Each level is adding their profit to the next one and finally the total lands in the customers lap plus 15% of VAT. This is not new and it happens in every field of trade. It is not new that if one omits few levels ones stock has much lower cost. These rules however are difficult to implement in a conservative trade like jewellery. My shop in CW was a very clear indication why you are not able to come with competitive prices in a shopping mall. People think it is the heavy rent but besides the rent there is much more. Marketing campaigns, parking, security, staff in 2 shifts and this is just the beginning. To cover one window with diamond jewellery one needs hundreds of thousands worth of stock. These money are not generating interest, and this lost drives the prices higher.

Objectivity and giving an advice which is not sale orientated is another matter to consider. It is just not possible. If the jeweller has invested his money in stock he will try to sale that particular stock. He will keep quiet about another diamond option that suits the customer budget better, just because he doesn’t have this option at the moment and doesn’t want to lose the sale. I won’t blame him. The end of the month comes and the landlord is not going to ask him if he’s been objective. The studio type of jewellery trade eliminates most of these obstacles on the road to low cost and objectivity.