Fancy colour diamonds

as alternative for engagement rings

Fancy colour diamonds in engagement rings

fancy colour diamondsThe use of fancy colour diamonds in engagement rings in South Africa is rather limited, quite possible due to lack of availability and information. This article covers the basics, with focus on the segment with most commercial use.

The general perception connected to diamond’s colour is the lack of it. The top colour D is completely colourless and as minute traces of colour overtone is added the stone’s colour goes down the alphabet and respectively in the price table. The actual colour starts being noticeable at the vicinity of the colour I – J and at O-R is obviously yellowish with more or less of brown or grey overtone.  Fancy colour is the adjective for diamonds displaying more than just a colour overtone. Stones at the level of colour X-Z are considered light fancy yellow, which is where the prices are starting to go up again.

Natural fancy colour diamonds

Natural fancy colour diamonds are the untreated ones with no additional colour enhancement. These are usually very rare and extremely expensive, particularly if they are in free of overtone vivid colour. The rarest and most valuable ones are the vivid reds and blue, while the yellows and pinks are the most marketed. Very light or very dark hues of any colour are fetching much lower prices.

Irradiated fancy colour diamonds

There are natural diamonds additionally treated to achieve fancy vivid colours. Natural material with brown and grey overtone is used for this purpose. This is why the resulting stones are usually priced as lightly tinted or tinted white diamonds. These stones are affordable alternative to both natural fancy and coloured diamonds.  They provide the appearance of the vivid colour diamond as an alternative to a rather common low colour M stone.  The treatment these diamonds undergo is irradiation, which is the cause of colour in diamonds in nature. The colour is in depth and permanent. The colours of irradiated diamonds are yellow, blue and green with vivid red also entering the market. Please inquire about fancy coloured diamonds availability and create an extraordinary engagement ring with an average budget.

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