Three stone engagement rings

Three stone engagement ringsThree stone engagement rings

Three in one

The three stone engagement rings can be traced as far back as its famous cousin the solitaire diamond engagement ring. The classic three stone designs always have the middle stone larger than the two side ones. The equal size three diamond rings are often called anniversary rings, but there the classification is getting blurred by marketing language and traditional differences and becomes highly inaccurate. It stands to reason to assume that the three stone engagement rings are more expensive variety of the classic solitaire engagement rings, heaving three instead of one diamond. Closer look however points that in many cases the three diamond ring design is employed in order to achieve high visual and marketing impact with smaller budget.

How is this possible?

Let us look first at the description of the ring. If you hear about 1ct. diamond ring the perception is that it should cost fair amount of money and this is the truth when we speak about solitaire. It is very different however if this carat represents the combined weight of three stones. The greater number of stones present in specific total diamond weight – the lower the price. The receiver however knows that she was given an one carat diamond ring.

Looking at the appearance aspect of the ring shows similar associations. A 0.47 carat diamond set in a knife shank classic solitaire does not look like a huge stone. With the help of two smaller side diamonds of 0.20ct each however it could achieve much higher visual impact than a 0.70ct. solitaire. The combined weight will read a respectful 0.87ct. and it will cost less.

Boosting the size of relatively small main diamonds with supporting side stones is popular and by my opinion necessary way to increase the visual impact and aesthetic value of engagement rings. The side diamonds are not necessarily the same shape as the center one. Beside the classic three round and three princess combination, proper mixing of different complimenting shapes can contribute greatly to a perfectly balanced design. Good designer will know what is the best match to the shape and size of the center stone and the overall design. The supporting stones are used even in the case of large center stones giving the ring elaborate structure and additional detail. Three stone engagement rings are the favorite subject of many designers. They broaden the designer’s palette providing much larger field for creativity.