Side stone engagement rings

side stone engagement rings

Side stone engagement rings

Side stone engagement rings are based on classic solitaire or split shank rings where the sides are partially studded with small diamonds. Rings with shoulder stones (baguettes, trilliant  or heart) we filed under three stone engagement rings. If you like the classic solitaire look, but prefer a little more blink this style is for you.  Because the extra expense of simply studding the side of the shank  is not major, side stone engagement ring designs are popular for enhancing the look of smaller diamonds.

Design variations

While  pretty strait forward in the beginning, the popular side stone settings evolved in hundreds of new sub-designs. First differentiated by the size (and number) of side stones and the way they are set. Then by the shape of the shank and the way of setting. (french  pave, micro pave, channel etc.) The studded V – split shank as well a Y – split shank are also in the side diamond engagement ring category. Sets of side stone engagement ring with matching diamond wedding band are still very popular. The band most of the time matches the diamond size and width of the studded shank.

Planing the bridal set

If you order only the ring, with intention to later wear it as set with wedding band it is important to notify me about it and if possible choose the style for the band. This way I can provide sufficient space behind the main stone to accommodate the band later. This is valid for most of the engagement ring designs. The classic four prong side stone ring we set by default with 0.01 ct (1.3mm ) diamonds when the main stone is between 0.40 and 0.55ct. Larger stones require increased size of smalls and with 1ct. main stone the size is already 1.6-1.7mm. Most of the designs in this style we offer with generous comfort fit.