Modern engagement rings

 modern engagement ringsModern engagement rings

Modern engagement rings. Sleek and uncomplicated, yet striking in their soothing balance. Pick up a style from our range or just send us a picture.

In the modern engagement rings category, I have filed contemporary designs from the last 15 years. The common characteristic for a modern engagement ring is its simplicity, practicality and sculptural lines. These modern designs are a favorite to professional women with active lifestyle. They are strong, with secure settings and do not hook on clothing. A brushed finish is often implemented together with highly polished elements. The non-reflective brushed metal contrasts beautifully with diamonds and underlines their sparkle. However, the brushed surface requires frequent refreshing in order to keep the crisp look and its use is rather limited.

It is not easy to modernize an engagement ring. They are carriers of tradition and deviating from the classic diamond solitaire design is not always well accepted. One way is to change the round shape of the shank. From my experience, making the shank triangular or square in shape (still keeping it round inside) makes for interesting rings and feels surprisingly comfortable on the finger. This kind of shank is also self-adjusting. It keeps, even high rings, aligned to the center. Experimenting with fancy types of settings is also a way to achieve a modern engagement ring design. The very popular tension set diamond ring and its many variations are a good example.

As basic rule the modern engagement rings are minimalist in style; the “less is more” rule is the best way to describe them. Alternative new metals, like titanium and tungsten, are also making their way into the industry, however, non precious metals are not my focus of interest.

Our modern engagement rings range is not limited to the listed designs. We will quote you on any modern engagement ring you have in mind and/or you have a picture of.