Designer engagement rings

Our designer engagement rings range is not limited to the listed designs. We will quote you on any design you have in mind and/or you have a picture of.

 Designer engagement ringsDesigner engagement rings

Designer engagement rings – a way to show attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Designer engagement rings are most of the time interpretations of standard models. The structure of an engagement is rather simple. It consists of a shank and bezel or basket. The shank is the part which goes around the finger and makes the ring wearable. A classic wedding band is a type of shank. The shank is usually round. The bezel is the part that securely holds the main stone and sometimes the side (shoulder stones) if any. With structure as simple as this there is not much room for deviation from the classic, and this is why it is difficult to achieve specific, easy recognisable style. The designer has to rely on detailing in a specific way, use specific ornaments or/and specific way of setting the stones.  Because of the limited field, in order to avoid being boring, designers often create a collection bearing certain feel and associated with certain elements. In this section are rings deviating far enough from the classics but not radically different. In the end of the day the engagement rings are still expected to be found on the finger and not on another part of the body. Here I include pieces that definitely will draw attention, but in a good way. Beside the use of detail and specific ornaments, designer engagement rings are usually created with the idea of high end quality in mind. The final product is not targeting low cost and not conforming to metal and time restrictions. This results in well-balanced and long lasting settings with healthy parameters and look to match. Using colour is another way to create different and attractive engagement ring. Ruby and sapphire provide most of the colours you can fancy and give a good chance to obtain unique looking piece with relatively small budget.