Blue sapphire engagement rings

Blue sapphire engagement ringsBlue sapphire engagement rings

The royal choice

Why would we like to choose blue sapphire engagement rings over traditional diamond ones. The choice of the stones set in the engagement rings is a longevity factor with major importance. We don’t just want to have the stone in place in 20 years – we certainly want it to retain its beauty too. At the top of the hardness scale the diamond is the undisputed king of the engagement ring gems. It has two shortcomings though. It is extremely expensive and it is rather common. As much as the diamond industry is trying to convince the modern jewellery buyer how rare this gem is, it feels like every woman has one. Blue sapphire offers a viable alternative being though and hard enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. It has amazing saturated blue colour and suggests out of the box thinking. Women who prefer main stones of substantial size and like their jewellery to be noticed, have blue sapphire engagement rings as their first choice. I don’t say that a sapphire is more noticeable than a diamond, but within the same budget, the sapphire has a definite advantage. Diamonds of sizes less than half a carat does not appeal to people who love impact jewellery, and when affordability becomes an issue one has to look for gemstone alternatives. An engagement ring, set with two carats of sapphire, has far greater visual impact than a 0.50ct diamond one and the cost is about the same. Large diamonds are sought after by extremely small pool of customers and are out of reach for most young couples looking for an engagement ring. The appeal of blue sapphire is not based only on affordability. Good example is the current engagement ring stone of choice for the British Royal family.