Bespoke engagement rings

You can actively participate in the creation of your wedding or engagement ring

Bespoke engagement rings snowflake in rose gold

Bespoke engagement rings

Since all our rings are personalized to a certain extent, we can call all our rings bespoke engagement rings being made to order and adjusted to the customer’s specifications and budget. Some are more customized than others, but they are all built from scratch, bearing in mind the correct finger size, the size and quality of the main stone, compatibility with the wedding ring etc. There is, of course, a deeper level of customization, including changing the shape and  thickness of the shank, the size shape and number of the side stones and combining the details from few styles to arrive at a completely new one.

All rings are built around the main stone, which is the first item to choose, also usually being the most expensive one. This personalization applies to all of the pieces we make: engagement, wedding and eternity rings and earrings, accompanied by objective and professional advice. However, on this page we are exploring the possibility of making a piece of jewellery very different from the styles pictured in this site. A ring which you’ve seen on somebody’s finger, the one you found while browsing the net, or the ring you envision in your head. Needless to say, you have to try to convey the idea of your bespoke engagement rings to me as clearly as possible, while on my side I will apply my knowledge and experience to ask the right questions and  guide you through the process. I have been doing this for almost 30 years and below are few ways which, alone or combined, proved to work:

Browsing through the images of this site to find elements to combine. For example you find a ring which has a front part which looks perfect but you don’t like the wide shank on the image. Or you like the position and size of the side stones but don’t like the halo around the main stone and you want to add antique details to achieve a certain style. Not all combinations are possible, some of them are simply not practical. I will be there to explain the pros and cons and give you the viable options. You can copy the pictures from the site, go to the contact us form and email them together with your explanations.

Browsing on the net and sending me a link or picture. This is a commonly employed way of getting the desired style. The internet is a vast source of information available to most of us and thousands of images are few clicks away. You have to be able to use the right keywords for your search, which sometimes involves terminology not used in everyday life. I can help you with that too! Just follow the contact link below and let me know. Once you have the pictures, go to the contact form and email them together with your explanations.

Make an appointment and come to my studio in Monte Vista, Cape Town. If you are in the area then this is the recommended way as it will put you on the right track from the very beginning and save us plenty of time. We can discuss your bespoke engagement ring in detail and view different options. Please note that there is no commitment to buy. You are welcome to to make an appointment at your convenience.

Vasco Kirov

Award winning jewellery designer
Master Goldsmith

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