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Diamond information

Round and princess are the most popular shapes for diamonds. They account for about 90 % of the shapes of the main stone involved in diamond engagement rings. Other shapes are also available, but because of the low demand, they are not listed in this site. If you choose a ring which requires a different (fancy) shape of stone, we will quote you with the currently available options. The so called fancy-cut diamonds include: marquise, emerald, radiant, cushion and oval as well as many modern cuts with limited availability. The same applies for fancy colour diamonds. Just send us your request.

Per carat, round diamonds are more expensive than princess and other fancy cuts, mainly due to a much higher demand. Lately this price difference has been reflected in the market and there has been an increased demand for fancies. However, there is a catch: Visually a round stone of say 0.50ct, looks much bigger than the 0.50ct princess diamond. To achieve the visual impact of the round, the princess has to be of about 0.60ct or more, and this is if we assume that both stones are well cut. Because of this, the saving pertaining to buying a princess is practically annulled by the need for bigger stone. In a nutshell: It is fine if the choice of princess cut diamond is based on your preference of the shape or to fit in certain princess engagement ring design. However if it is only to benefit from the better price, it is not such a good idea as it looks at first glance, besides the far greater availability of round stones will give you more options.