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Diamond earrings are vast design field. While our gallery is limited only to the most popular type the ear studs, we will give you a quotation for any design you fancy and have picture of. Diamond ear studs are the most popular type of diamond earrings. They are very versatile, suitable for everyday wearing as well as special occasions. The price of the setting compared to the price of the diamonds is negligible. This is why choosing the right diamonds is important. Going to our diamond list first is a great way to get a guideline for prices of different sizes and qualities.

Single diamond ear studs

The classic ear stud is a solitaire diamond set in a light and unobtrusive four prong setting. The minimum size of the diamond for this type is 0.10ct (3mm). However if the budget allows, I would recommend diamonds of 0.25ct and bigger. The diamond content specified in the product page is the combined content for the pair. For example if the diamond content is 0.50ct it means that the pair consist of two diamonds of approximately 0.25 ct each. Ordering a single ear stud is possible at half of the stated price. If you would like to match an existing stud I have to have the original. All of our diamond ear studs are fitted with butterfly push -ons like the one on the image on the right.The carat to diameter table below will help you get an idea about the actual diameter of the stones involved in the pair. In the end of the day what you see is the diameter of the diamonds, not the carat.

Multiple diamond ear studs

Where the diamond earring consists of more the one stone,(halo diamond earrings), the quoted diamond content includes the center stones, as well as the secondary diamonds in the pair. Cluster ear studs on the other hand create larger diamond pattern, but because the diamond content is spread over many stones the price is kept at reasonable levels.



Carat in description Carat single stone Diameter mm
0.5 0.24-0.26 4
0.75 0.36-0.38 4.5
1 0.49-0.51 5
Carat in description Carat single stone Dimensions mm
0.5 0.24-0.26 3 x 3
0.75 0.36-0.38 3.6 x 3.6
1 0.49-0.51 4.5 x 4.5
Carat in description Carat single stone Diameter mm
0.6 0.29-0.32 4
1.2 0.36-0.38 5
2 0.96-1.08 6