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Brushed wedding rings and other surface finishes

 brushed wedding ringsBrushed wedding rings are very popular, lately, especially in the gent’s segment. Wire matte is another deviation from the classic polished finish.  While it is good to know how this affects your ring, surface finish information is also related to the products in this site which makes this article kind of necessary. Rhodium plating is not discussed in this article since it is colour enhancing process which is done after and does not affect the surface finish.

The surface finish determines the way your ring reflects the light and although it makes the look totally different its effects stay very shallow on the surface. Important things we have to know about surface finish:

On all classic wedding bands and some of the designer wedding rings we offer on this website, you have a choice of four finishes:  Polished, Brushed, Hammered and Wire Matte (see image above). The surface finish doesn’t affect the weight and the quoted price of any product on this site. On many designer bands more than one surface finish is used in order to achieve contrast.

Surface finish is not a coat or layer of something. It is mechanical texturing and it is just on the surface. It is not permanent and it is possible to change later. This is probably the most important point, since it will make your choice easier. It is possible to polish matte or brushed wedding rings and to brush, polished ones. The process is relatively simple and inexpensive.

Although relatively simple process, every change of surface finish removes small amount of metal. If you decide to have different look of your wedding ring every month it is not a good idea. The best is to change the surface finish when the ring is already scratched and in need of refreshing.  No matter what the outer surface of the wedding ring is the inside is always polished.

Scratches are more visible on wire matte and brushed wedding rings than on polished or hammered ones. Multi textured wedding rings are the most complicated to restore when damaged or refresh. It is good idea to take this in consideration if you have active lifestyle or/and often work with your hands.