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Kirov Jewellery Studio was founded by, jewellery designer, Vasco Kirov in 1993. The studio is well known in Cape Town for providing a high quality, professional service and extremely high value for money wedding and engagement rings.  Vasco, a master studio jeweller with vast experience in every segment of the jewellery industry, still manages the company. He has many years of experience working as a bench jeweller and jewellery designer; his expertise backed by numerous prestigious awards for excellence in jewellery design.

Diamond rings designed by award winning designer.

Experienced jeweller will create your engagement ring around your budget and liking.

Diamond ringsI have been designing diamond rings for more than 20 years and rightfully can call myself specialist in that field. Kirov Jewellery Studio was founded in 1993 and registered as a close corporation in 1998. I have been making fine jewellery in South Africa ever since. First I worked as a free lance jeweller. At that time I was covering the most complicated jobs from high end Cape Town jewellers. Later I opened my own shop in Canal Walk but the running costs were high and I had to pass them on the clients. That wasn’t good and I decided to change it. Now I operate as a studio jeweller designing and manufacturing engagement rings for my own clients.

My focus is on creating personalized pieces based on best value for money concept. In other words, I am aiming the appearance of my diamond rings always to exceed the expectations given the price. The concept has been working well. In the beginning was focused mainly on cutting unnecessary costs. Later I included a way of choosing the diamonds for my clients I called ABCD (Appearance Based Choice of Diamonds). Before I had to pass the high costs to my customers, now I can as well pass them the savings from my very low running costs.

Diamond rings shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. It is possible to have reasonable prices on diamond jewellery even with the unfavorable dollar to rand rate. All we have to do is cut the men in the middle. Having experienced the smashing overhead of running brick and mortar shop in a shopping center, I realized that the key is in using the technology. Using CAD design and marketing on the internet.